Forward by Judy Kimelman, MD, FACOG

Traditionally, Western and Eastern medicine have been mutually exclusive of each other, but Stephanie and Lora present the reader with a world where the two can be integrated, with wonderful results.

In this book, the authors share scientific studies and anecdotes to support the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine while explaining the benefits of Western medicine. For anyone in the throes of an infertility work up or treatment, they will find a different approach to a heavily medicalized field.

As a physician trained in Western medicine, it can be difficult to endorse a treatment for which there is no Western medical or strict scientific explanation. In the mid 80’s during a medical school interview, I was asked how I thought acupuncture worked. It is a question I have pondered many times over the years.

Now, as a practicing obstetrician for over 25 years, I have come to realize it does not matter exactly how it works, it matters that it does work. Stephanie and I have shared patients together for years and at times have had some miraculous results.

Western medicine approaches the issue of infertility by looking for a specific diagnosis and treatment while Eastern medicine brings a holistic approach, looking at nutrition, stresses, toxins and the impact of our environment. Blending the two together not only improves the end result but also helps women deal with the stress during an emotional process.

This book is a much-needed addition for those couples facing the challenges of trying to get pregnant and stay healthy in the process. It is wonderful to have a resource that explains both approaches and allows the patient to move easily between the two.

Judy Kimelman, MD, FACOG

Dr. Judy Kimelman obtained her medical degree from Stanford Medical School. She is the current chair of the American College of OB/GYN Washington Section and a board member of the Washington State Medical Association and the Seattle GYN Society.