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  • Georgetown-Logo-HeaderOne of Dr. Shahine’s alma maters, Georgetown University, has featured our book on their Alumni Authors Page!





  • Janet Jackson Pregnant At Almost 50 – Wait, What? – May 7, 2016. Dr. Shahine published this thoughtful article for Buzzfeed about the complexities of becoming a mother in your forties and how the media often leaves out many of the details.

  • 9007930_origNaming the Un-Named: Stories of Fertility Struggles – Listen to this wonderfully edited audio from a recent panel where Dr. Shahine participated. Recorded in April 2016.
  • 10A-headerNATURALLY HEALING ENDOMETRIOSIS: THE TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE APPROACH – Stephanie shares the TCM approach to treating endometriosis in the article written for Living Pretty Naturally.
  • Things Doctors Refuse to Have in Their Houses – Dr. Lora Shahine is featured in this article about things physicians refuse to have in their homes, published in The Active Times on April 18, 2016.




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